5 Basic Supplies You Need to Create an Art Journal

The question that you may ask when wanting to start art journaling, I believe art journal supplies can start simple and you can learn what you like best.

1- Journal

I have 2 types of journals, a composition notebook and a mixed media book. Your mixed media journal is made with mixed media paper that can handle all kinds of medium more. It’s made from a thicker paper.

Composition books can handle better acrylics and collage, but it’s possible to do all things if you don’t mind the pages getting bulky.

The thing about composition notebook is that they take pressure of you to do everything perfect.

This is a page in my composition notebook. I use my Printable as a background and that makes it better to put paint on top.

And here is a mixed media journal. I did a spread testing some gouache painting.

2- Printables

Printable are a great way to not start with the blank pages and easily cover something like junk you receive in the mail.

This example is an advertisement book I got in mail and I glue a piece of my gellipack printable and a quote that comes in it.

3 – Pens, Pencils & Markers

This is the most versatile tools that you can use in your art journal. They can work to make accents in your work or you can use them to doodle and do some relaxation exercises.

  • Markers are versatile. They can be waterproof like sharpies or not like water markers.

Sharpies, I like to have them in all varieties of thickness.

They are a lot of fun and bring a variety of lines in your art journal.

Graphite pencils are great to give that mark look.

4 – Glue

The best glues you can use are : Matte Medium for bigger pieces of collage and UHU glue stick.

Matte Medium will also preserve your work and won’t get yellow.

5- Paints

We know this can get out of control but I would start with basic set for me. I like to work with acrylics and watercolors in my journals.

You can get a basic primary colors set like this one:

Or I have this set from Arteza if you don’t want to have more color option it lasts a long time.

I have this watercolor set and for the price is a great basic watercolor set.

These basic supplies will make easier for you to get started today !

I have a FREE mini kit art journal printable if you want to print mak a book and start with these basic supplies

free art journal printable

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