Mysteries in Colour Workshop

Fostering Collaboration, Team Building using Creativity for Problem Solving.

Mysteries in Colour Workshops Promotes New Perspectives, Creativity and Collaboration.

Workshops Benefits for your Company

  • Foster Creativity thinking & Problem Solving
  • Encourages Diverse Perspectives & Team Collaboration
  • Nurture Workplace Wellness and Reduce Anxiety
mysteries in color workshop

Mysteries in Colour workshop can be facilitated in many venues.

I’m Jana your Facilitator.

I facilitate workshops:

In Person (West Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Ranton, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando) contact me for other local Florida cities.

Remote – Zoom

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“Creativity is the act of helping your brain to solve problems, see a new path in all areas of your life”

creativity mysteries in colour

Take a 30-minute break to practice mindfulness, pick any inkblot in the book and some color pencils. Forget grown-up rules and engage your inner child. Brainstorm Ideas while you exercise your creativity.

coloring book

Exercise Your Imagination

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inkblot play

Unlock your Imagination.

Exercise a Positive Mindset through Art

Create Eye Opening Conversations

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