What Watercolor Brushes to Use for Watercolor?

What Watercolor Brushes do I need to paint watercolor?

I receive this question often. Watercolor has many styles. I particularly love to paint loose watercolors, so all my supplies and brushes will be towards loose watercolor style.

Is it possible to have good watercolor brushes on budget?

I think that it’s important not to break the bank when starting. Believe me, good watercolor brushes can be expensive and I have my fair share of watercolor brushes that probably together they cost more than half of my supplies.

It’s important to start with good quality brushes that are in the midrange cost. Princeton Brushes is a company that I think makes a range of brushes from cheap to more expensive, and they are great synthetic brushes.

What are the type of brushes?

There is a huge range of synthetic and animal brushes. Many like to use the natural hair brushes that were believed to hold more water, but nowadays there are fantastic synthetic brushes that can hold a lot of water and are as soft as a natural brushes.

Princeton Neptune brushes are a great example of that.

What do we choose between stiff and soft brush?

In the video below I point out that to start with a more stiff brush. A stiff brush can help you to learn how to work with the watercolor paints, practice the movement of your hands, to learn how much water you need to control the paint. To practice all that is key before investing too much.

Water control is key in watercolor to learn how the paint behaves with the paper you have.


Practice is the way to learn

You learn that depending on what you want to create, you will need specific brushes. For example, if you want to paint flowers, a more round pointed brush is great, sizes 2, 6, 8 . If you like to paint landscapes, a flat brush is great. Just practice will help.

Remember to practice with a sketchbook. Check this previous blog post and video where I show some of my practice with watercolors I still separate time every week to practice on my sketchbook.

I also made a checklist with the best brushes to get started with watercolors.

Watch the video to learn more


To learn watercolors can be hard, so I made a free watercolor brushes checklist for you to get started right away with watercolors and do not have to spend a big budget on supplies.

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