What is Mixed Media?

What is mixed Media Art?

Mixed media art is a term used when art is made with more than one medium, combining many materials together.

In the past, artisans were limited in their materials used for making art due to how primitive it was but with time artists discovered new materials and combine them.

Many artists, including myself call themselves mixed media artists because many times we mixed our mediums together acrylics, watercolor, collage and so on. Let’s learn a little more about what is mixed media art!

What are Examples of Mixed Media?

Mixed Media doesn’t have a set of material you should use but these are just some we can see


Using magazines, collage papers, gelli print papers, make your own collage papers, printable papers

Ours downloadable kits can be used as collage as well.

Altered Books

Altered Books are any book that you can alter to make junk books, sketchbooks, art books and mix collage, paints, all mediums together. Junk Journals are another form of altered book.


Assemblage is not just using different mediums but also 2D objects on your projects.

Why should we try Mixed Media?

The great thing about mixed media is to explore what different mediums do when combined. Mixed media make us go back to child play and not have a fear of experimentation. Kids have a natural curiosity and I love mixed media so much because it brings back that curiosity.

Some reasons to try mixed media:

Mixed Media Helps with Confidence

Mixed Media is great to start as a new artist because it removes the pressure to try mediums such as watercolors, because mixed media is pure experimental it reduces the pressure of “perfect” art.


When you work in your journal instead of canvas or maybe a more expensive paper, you can feel freer to explore with your tools, ideas, colors, new techniques and that makes the process joyful.

Tool Play

We all love tools to play with our mixed media paintings and on our journal pages.  When we get new stencils, stamps, foam stamps, paints and more your mixed media journal is a great way to test this.

What do you use for Mixed Media?

The sky is the limit because mixed media is about mixing things everything goes but I’d like to list some simple tools to get you started:

Some options: Carson Mixed Media Journal, My favorite Dylusions Journal, I also have the tree of life journal

Amazon affiliate links used. It has no cost to you but provides commission to the blog.

Download our Free Collage Papers to get started.


What paper can you use for mixed media?

The preferred paper has to be a paper that can take water, paint and many mediums. 

The best papers for mixed media are:

Mixed media paper

Watercolor paper

Get a free checklist with my favorite supplies:


Check this past Artistically You Podcast to learn more about mixed media.

You can check also this video for an example of a mixed media painting

Mixed Media is a fantastic way to explore art if you are an artist that want to learn many mediums and create art that is eclectic and fun. If you want to start mixed media media art the great to get started is with art journaling, as art journal uses as well a variety of mediums.

Learn more in our article here.

If you would like to own a print or original mixed media art check our shop.

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