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The podcast is a place to talk about art as a mindful practice and bring mixed media art for all. In the podcast we are going to get inspired by all artists .

” In the Artistically you Podcast you will: Connect with your Creativity, Learn to use Art as a Mindful Practice and Embrace Creativity”

I’m Jana – Artist, Educator & Your Podcast Host .

This art podcast is all about conversations about art, creativity, how to tap into your inner child. The conversations aim to show you different art paths that people have and how art has been healing for them.

The podcast also aim to explore mindfulness, body and soul topics, tools to help manage stress, anxiety to help us feel calm and happier in our day-to-day life. Amazing life stories and conversations.

The podcast I will have raw conversations about my journey as a mixed media artist and all that entails the path to learn and growth my artistic skills and the difficulties to do those being a mother of a special needs son.

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