Guiding Your Path to a Mindful Live with Art Journaling

Learn how to use an art journal for wellness, relaxation and explore your creativity

Mindfulness Through Art Journaling

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Grab a drink and let’s talk about art, creativity, and tools for mindfulness and happiness .

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About me

Hi, I’m Jana!

I create works of Art with vibrant colors inspired by my childhood in Brazil. My love for flowers make me inspired to represent them in an abstract way and share their beauty.

My abstracts reflect my quest to be in the present moment and find a calm space. My art reflects my path trying to see the world of diversity.

It’s my goal to help you use art to bring wellbeing. It’s my pleasure to bring happy, colorful art for your home decor.

I’m an advocate for Special Needs Awareness, neuro diversity and Autism Acceptance, inspired by my Autistic son whom I help between my studio time.

My mission is to bring joy, peace and connections with my art and teach people tools for mindfulness and relaxation using creativity.

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“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. ”

Pablo Picasso

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Artistically You Podcast is a podcast to talk not about just art but conversations to help you see art as a mindfulness practice and connect with your creativity.

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I’m a Facilitator for Mysteries in Colour in the US.

Learn how to use creativity through art to create mindfulness, connection, problem-solving skills and build teamwork.

Our Book and Workshops will change the way you think and connect!

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