I’m so glad you’re here.

Here on my site you can find:

  • Beautiful art for your Wall : originals and prints
  • Gifts for you or loved ones.
  • I host a podcast Artistically You Podcast, that aims to show how art can help your mental health giving you peace and joy. And connecting with artists of all genres.
  • I also help with blog posts for you to have a behind scenes of an artist process and tips for fellow artists or people wanting to create art .
  • I teach you how to use art for your well being

I live in Palm Beach County Florida and I have been creating since 2007, my work evolved from scrapbooking and card making, to drawing and painting.

I used her my painting skills to create digital work for Digital Artists and teach Photoshop. But my heart was calling to take my art further and I dedicated myself full time to paint.

I believe whether you are making art or just enjoying art both have the power to heal the soul and bring happiness.

I have a degree in Childhood Psychology with an emphasis in Autism and a minor in social work.

I’m an advocate for Special Needs Awareness, neuro diversity and Autism Acceptance, inspired by her Autistic son whom she helps between her studio time.

My work is a focus on florals and Abstract work in Acrylics, watercolors, oils . She considers herself a Mixed Media Expressionist Artist.

My mission is to bring joy, peace and connections with my art.

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