Podcast 37 Journaling, Manifestation and Vision boards with Stacey Natal

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking with Stacy Natal, she is a photographer and mindset coach helping entrepreneurs to get their mindset changed to build their business.

Things we talked about in this episode

  • How journaling can be powerful and useful.
  • What is Vision board and how you could do one.
  • How mindset is important and could help us to achieve our goals.
  • How Journaling Prompts Can be helpful

Vision board types such as dream vision board, work vision boards, personal vision boards

Stacey said that one of the easiest ways to journal can be with prompts. Stacey has a freebie here to help.

Tools mentioned ;

The artist’s way

Freebie prompts 

Make it Happen class

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