EP 38 Witch Copywriting with Siobhan Podcast Episode

I had the pleasure to talk with Siobhan in the podcast to talk all about copywriting and women’s voice and the power it’s to share your story and be truthful around people that want to do work with you.

We had some specific points that we covered in the podcast.

Why having a website is important?

It’s really important for artists to have a website now, because there is so much stuff everywhere, like all the time, we’re constantly bombarded with information. So getting your message and your art out into the world, it’s important to have a website because people are looking for new and inspiring things all the time.

Using Keywords to help people to find you

The good thing about having a website is the possibility to use keywords and have the right people finding your content. When we talk about artists, keywords can also help the right collectors find your art.

A website can help you tell your story

Having a website is a great way as artists to talk about your process, your inspirations to create art, dreams and art manifesto so your viewers and future collectors can know more about you and your art. Storytelling is an important for people to connect with your content.

I can listen to the whole Episode here

You can find Siobhan here.

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